Food waste is a huge issue in the world, today in the world, nearly billion tons of food waste is trucked to landfills. Once this food gets to the landfill, it then generates methane, a green house gas 23 times as potent as carbon dioxide in trapping heat within our atmosphere.

Food Waste Disposer is one of new product in kitchen in twenty-first century, which is installed under the outlet of kitchen sink. It can effectively grind all kinds of food waste such as meat scraps including ligaments and joints , fish bones, fish heads, paper napkins, melon rinds, fruits pits, used tea bags, any fruits & vegetables and vegetable scraps, coffee sediments, wasted foods, nuts, breads, old pastries, pizzas, bones of pork, chicken bones, egg shell to tiny paste and pellets, then drained away through the pipeline, thus achieve the effects on cleaning the environment and eliminating peculiar smell etc.

Our food waste disposers provide a convenient and environmental friendly alternative to transporting leftovers to landfills.
UNIGREEN is the major Indian manufacturer of specialized catering and the leading supplier of domestic and commercial food waste disposers. Our products are used in number of kitchens world wide and throughout the catering sector– from street corner cafés to world-class restaurants, and from schools and prisons, to hospitals and nursing homes. We are renowned for quality, reliability and innovation, with an unreviled reputation for customer service and support that gives you total peace of mind every time you choose a UNIGREEN product.
UNIGREEN food waste disposers are built to ensure a long operating life, with each unit being constructed from hygienic stainless steel to withstand continuous use in the most demanding of applications. This food waste disposers are compact and efficient, combining safety and ease of use with performance, functionality and reliability. In addition, our wide range of products and options enable each unit to be specified to meet your exact requirements.
Our food waste disposers will also help you combat the steadily rising costs of waste handling, storage and disposal, while improving the use of staff time, eliminating unpleasant odors, spillages and the risk of contaminating fresh or cooked food. With high capacity, a long trouble-free operating life and low capital and maintenance costs, our food waste disposers give you a fast payback on your investment.

Food waste is fed into the disposer together with water from the cold tap. The food waste is simply and quickly ground into fine particles, no knives and no blades. The food waste is then flushed through the waste disposer and into? your normal waste system.

An energy efficient food disposer consumes lesser energy than any of your house hold electric appliances.
  • Eliminates waste collection and disposal costs.
  • Relatively low capital outlay.
  • Long operating life ensures low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Protects waste producer from rising and uncertain future waste disposal costs.
  • Helps to meet the legal requirements of catering retailers to dispose of their food waste by alternative means to landfill.
  • Avoids potential fines from otherwise illegal disposal of food waste.
  • Eliminates waste transportation.
  • Prevents spillages of wet waste from waste collection vehicles.
  • Simple to install and operate.
  • Takes up limited space.
  • Promotes organization's positive approach to Corporate & Social Responsibility.
  • Helps promote recycling by educating people to consider their impact on the environment and to adopt eco-friendly practices.
  • Decades of scientific studies have shown waste disposal to be a sound ecological alternative.
  • Food waste can be converted into useful energy, or recycled into agricultural fertilizer, at waste water treatment facilities.
  • Prevent water contamination by reducing wasted dumping.
  • Eliminates requirement for collection and transportation of waste.
  • Reduces waste storage requirements.
  • Produces trace CO2 only which can be dispensed to fouldrain or bio- filter.
  • Eliminates methane emissions from landfill.
  • Eliminates landfill leachate.
  • Consumes limited power.
  • Greatly reduces potential for drain blockages.
  • Accedes to the Government's Landfill Directive and Waste.
  • Hierarchy by diverting food waste from landfill or incineration.
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