Hexa group plays a substantial player role in the market in construction. We have strong positions. Our rail business operates internationally. Our integrated construction services business provides project expertise and a breadth of capabilities.

Hexa group's construction business is a leading integrator of complex, sophisticated and innovative infrastructure projects that improve the UAE's national infrastructure. We offer a broad range of capabilities in construction, civil engineering, mechanical & electrical engineering services.

With office in the Dubai emirate of UAE, we offer locally-focused service delivery - with the support of our national network of expertise and resources.
Hexa group is producing a wide range of product solutions for warehouses, industries, general heavy fabrication works and manufacturing of anchor bolts (Hook anchors), U bolt, plate welded bolts and tie rods, used in foundation of steel buildings and various other applications, in very best quality and futures at the lowest competitive price in the industry.

Our established factory has an in house fabrication, machining and testing facilities. The company's inspection wing is fully equipped to guarantee out certified QUALITY product.

The company has a modern design system with sophisticated and well occupied office. The design and manufacturing are carried out with latest art of engineering technologies.

Our company policy assures that competent people with necessary expertise and experience will tackle your project, keeping COST and QUALITY as the assured factor.

Our aim is to support you in your creativity and freedom of design, from the façade concept to a trouble- free manufacturing and installation.

With Hexa group, you may be far from the office, but you are never far from your project team.
Hexa group exclusively provide services for the Oil & Gas drilling industry. We are specialized in supplying Barite used in the Oil drilling Industry.

We are specialized in supplying Barite used in the Oil drilling Industry.

  • Mines Capacity: Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation (APMDC) owns mines, estimated reserves 74 million tonnes.
  • Annual production capacity of APMDC: 3 million tons appx of Raw Material.
  • Our Annual exporting capacity:
    a. We can supply 4.10 Sp.Gr and 4.00 Sp.Gr Lumps – 10,000 to 15,000 MTS per month each.
    b. We can supply "A" Grade (4.20 S. Gr) Powder 10,000 MTS per month subject to our payment terms and proper planning.
    c. We can supply "B" Grade (4.10 Sp.Gr) Powder 10,000 MTS & 15,000 MTS C&D Grade Powder per month.

Core Business:

Oilfield tank and equipment contract rentals
Long- and short-term contract rentals of
  • Mobile chemical tanks
  • Chemical storage/mixing tanks
  • Cargo handling equipment
  • DWM Equipments

Oilfield specialty chemicals
  • Drilling chemicals
  • Specialty oilfield chemicals

Barite, Bentonite, Potassium Chloride etc.
Oilfield engineering services
  • Liquid Mud plant Design & Commissioning